Zanian's Mirthian Hunting Owl


Aphrodite is a Mirthian Hunting Owl bonded to Zanian Hawkhunter since being given to him as an egg on Zanian’s 8th Birthday.

Merthian Hunting Owls are famed for being the best hawkers in the land; even better than the traditional falcon. Blessed with uncanny intelligence, perception and hearing they have been bred through generations to function in daylight while retaining their night vision.

Aphrodite is a particularly fine example of the breed, having shown remarkable intelligence over the years. She also possesses a range of utterly useless skills including (but not limited to) being able to fly, hunting and eating very small prey, hooting all night, chatting up male owls, dancing in the pale moonlight and seeing well in low light conditions… which being a half-elf Zanian is perfectly capable of doing anyway.

She also wears a scarf. Scarves are cool.


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